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Leak Detection

SRB has added  leak detection to its main list of services as water damage equates for 80% of all our type of work and same when being engaged as remedial builders.

We investigate by use of some destructive and non-destructive tests prior to providing a written specification for the quotation of water damage repairs. Quote “there is no point repairing water damage until the cause has been rectified".

Some of us understand that water leaks in a building being either internal or external can have if left unattended a serious structural integrity effect on the structure leading to costly repairs.


Our Leak Detection Reports illustrate and define the cause and recommendations to rectify the leak to provide the correct method of repair lowering the costs in incorrect repairs based on visual inspections only.

An example of this is a typical shower leak if not correctly tested can lead to unnecessary costs by being incorrectly diagnosed example of this is having contractors report that a shower membrane has failed which in actual fact could be a plumbing leak from water supply within the shower and sometimes be as simple as a leak at the shower spindles.

We define these leaks by carryout the following tests and use of equipment in aid to accurately pin point the leak;

  • Flood and dye tests
  • Plumbing pressure and static testing
  • Cavity CCTV Inspections for failed or incorrectly installed cavity wall flashings
  • CCTV sewer line camera
  • Acoustic sound  tracing 
  • Nitrogen testing and  pipe freezing
  • Thermal Imaging camera 

Below is an example of a CCTV image showing a crack in shower floor waste pipe. Not a failed waterproofing membrane as usually diagnosed. And thermal image of hot water plumbing leak investigation.